rhythm konnectiions invites you on our annual Mali West African drumming & Dance adventure tour



Clips of Dogon Country



Come and join us from November to December  for a life transforming experience.

Immerse yourself in the rich, vibrant, and ancient culture of Mali, in the heart of West Africa. Our home base will be Mali's vibrant capitol of Bamako.



During these four-week study tours we will immerse ourselves in the traditional drumming, dances, songs and music of Mali under the guidance and tuition of master drummers, dancers and musicians from the various national troupes. There will be 2 x two hour sessions Mon to Fri in drumming, dance and music ( kora, ngoni, guitar, singing etc.)

We will open our hearts and spirits to the traditional and contemporary music and culture of
Mali West Africa.

At night you can sample the nightlife at Bamako's many nightclubs, featuring the best of Mali's flourishing modern and traditional music scene. If their schedules find them in Bamako, you'll have the chance to see some of Mali’s greatest musicians, such Toumani Diabate, and renowned singers Oumou Sangare, Habib Koite, and Salif Keita. We will also have the amazing and unique opportunity to experience Mali's traditional ceremonies.

The highlight of the trip is a five-day tour north into the heart of Dogon country. There you will be able to explore the ancient cliff dwellings and caves that dot the landscape in this sacred and mystical region and experience traditional village life.

On the way we will be visiting some of Mali’s unique sculptured clay Mosques.


This will be a cultural exchange and you will be experiencing African culture first hand staying in Toumani Diabates compound, eating African food, and you will also be invited to take part in the "Trees for a Sustainable Africa" project. This will include the planting of food trees and other sustainable trees, which will provide future generations with an income.




Your investment:

$3500 AUD 4 weeks

$2700 AUD 3 weeks

$2000 AUD 2 weeks

includes, accommodation, 3 meals per day, tuition and all ground travel

not including airfare. Group bookings can be arranged.



Click here to contact us and register or enquire about our Mali tour.


in every heart their beats a drum in every drum their beats a heart

since the beginning of time humanity has danced

in joyous physical response to the beat of the drum,

to induce states of ecstasy, trance and celebration.





Come and join us and really experience the joy and ecstasy of African music and culture. 

Bookings are essential as places are limited.



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